I follow the guidelines, isn't that good enough?

General Supplements

Grocery and drug store aisles are lined with shelves full of vitamins and supplements. The large majority of these are synthetic man-made products - just like refined foods. When vitamins are synthetic they lack vital code, key instructional nutrients, that are so important to the body:

  • These vitamins are unrecognizable by the body and difficult for it to digest and assimilate.

  • Typically the body is able to use only a very little of the already compromised nutrients in the supplement.

So even if you are faithfully taking supplements on a regular basis, you may not be getting very much nutrition at all.

Why we use neutraceuticals in our recovery programs

1. Not our ancestors food: many fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides and are genetically bred to improve visual appeal and crop yields, not nutritional value, which frequently results in lesser nutritional values than our ancestors’ food supply.

2. Erratic eating habits: eating on the run, and stress contribute to poor digestion, making it difficult for our bodies to extract all the nutrients it needs from food.

3. Prescription drug use: Most medications deplete essential nutrients, making people more vulnerable to deficiencies.

4. Specific times in life and health conditions may result in higher needs of certain nutrients.  Additionally, we all have genetic weaknesses that cause each of us to need more of certain nutrients.

5. Prevention:Many nutrients have been proven to prevent or aid in the treatment of health conditions like high cholesterol, arthritis, birth defects, and cancer. 

  • GERD
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Attention deficit & cognition disorders
  • Hormonal issues, mood swings, hot flashes

When building your natural medicine cabinet look for high quality organic whole food products that are from a trusted source. Below is an example of trusted products we use but there are many other great products available from other reputable sources.  We research all products before offering them.

Food and nutrition play a critical role in fueling and healing our bodies. Sometimes however diet alone isn’t enough to give your body all that it needs. Because of all the processed foods we eat, the toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis, and the increasing amounts of daily stress our bodies need more than just the basic supply of nutrients.

There IS a big difference in supplements: Whole Food Supplements

Most standard guidelines are built onthe premise that we can all thrive on the same guidance.

While there are many great pearls of nutritional wisdom on sites like MyPlate, we are each unique in our genetic makeup and our lifestyles.

Infants, children, athletes, adults, seniors, male, female and different ethnic groups all have different nutritional needs. Add in disease, environmental factors, stress, lifestyle habits and genetics and the diversity in nutritional needs only gets greater.

I eat fairly healthy, why would nutrition be a factor in my overall health?

Alter Health Services

Think of your body as a computer and food (nutrition) is the instructions for that computer. The computer will only function as well as it's instructions. If you're not eating the proper items, in the proper amounts, then malfunctions occur. More often than not, this results in a gradual process of chronic illness and dysfunctions developing and compounding over years of time.

Using natural remedies reduces your risk of drug interactions, liver damage and toxicity while giving the body what it needs to heal, not just masking symptoms.

There is a lot of truth in the old adage "trust your gut". In researching our patient's health issues & seemingly unconnected multiple symptoms we have found a variety of serious health conditions that stem from their gut:

  • Pain & inflammation
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep issues
  • Depression & anxiety

Whole Food Supplements

Whole-food supplements are made of blends of concentrated, dehydrated whole foods, containing all the known and unknown health benefits of that food.

  • The body recognizes them as food and is able to properly digest, assimilate, and use the nutrients.

  • The vitamins found within these supplements are not isolated. They are highly complex structures that combine a variety of enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, activators and many other unknown or undiscovered factors all working together synergistically.

These complex structures act as a code that tells the body all about that food, its nutrients, and when and how to best use it.

Building a natural medicine cabinet

Most people would not equate their symptoms with their gut or nutrition

Immune function depends on the health of the gut and the majority of neurotransmitters are produced by the gut. Some researchers have even dubbed the gut as a "second brain". When your gut is not provided with the nutritional needs unique to you or it has been attacked by environmental factors or stress it is not able to produce a healthy immune system. We often see a number of serious gut issues that create much broader health symptoms and conditions:

  • Yeast / fungal growth
  • Bacterial and parasitic infections
  • Toxins
  • Intestinal permeability (leaky gut)
  • Stress & over-the-counter medicine gut damage
Nutrition is one of the essential components of our Functional Medicine recovery programs
"Trust your gut"