Alter Health Services

  • Chiropractic adjustments are designed to improve mind and body communications.

  • Hormones, blood flow, immunity are controlled by the nervous system.

  • Overall health improves with optimal nervous system control of the body.

  • Like a car or house our bodies need maintenance due to everyday wear and tear. Lifting, repetitive motion, sometimes even "sleeping wrong", can all create minor interferences in our nervous system. Correcting these minor interferences early-on enables our bodies to fully focus on other more serious health challenges when they occur.
Optimal functioning of the nervous system

Locally Awarded Chiropractic Care

It is much easier to stay well than to get well. We can all relate to how just about everything in life requires maintenance to function properly over time.

We have proudly provided gentle, effective chiropractic care to the greater Fort Wayne community for 25 years. Our large and loyal patient base is built through referrals and word of mouth.

Our bodies are self-healing, self-regulating organism controlled by our nervous systems. Millions of instructions flow from our brain, down the spinal cord, and out to every organ and tissue. Improper motion or position of the moving bones of the spine can interfere with this vital exchange by irritating nerves and compromising the function of affected organs and tissues. Our chiropractic care works to identify and address obstacles to optimal functioning.

The Alter Health Services chiropractic experience

One of the greatest advantages we provide our patients is state of the art thermal scanning. This amazing technology allows us to measure and monitor irritation to the master system that controls and coordinates every function in your body. In addition to orthopedic and neurologic examination our chiropractic assessment, gentle techniques and amazing results generate a lot of patient satisfaction!

The Insight Advantage (Thermal Scanning)

Pain Relief & Rehabilitation
  • Pain of any kind, at any age, is a sign that something isn't right. Pain is the way your body signals that a limit has been reached or a problem has developed.

  • Minor aches and pains are often shrugged off and while they may go away, if the underlying problem remains unattended the problem can slowly worsen until it becomes more difficult and expensive to resolve.

  • Rehabilitation: Once the pain alarms have been quieted or completely silenced, it is time to put the effort into making sure that the reason for those alarms never returns. We will focus our attention to strengthening muscle, stabilizing joints and most critically alleviating nerve interference.

Back pain, neck pain, headaches: these issues typically trigger a visit to a chiropractor. Many people initially seek care in our office with one goal: relief!

  • Our chiropractic service begins with an overall non-invasive neuro-muscular examination. Our scanning technology provides a visual of the nerve interference to both you and Dr. Alter.

  • X-rays are only done if it is felt they are absolutely needed for assessment and treatment.

  • Dr. Alter will recommend a treatment plan but we never ask patients to "pre-buy" chiropractic packages. Every treatment plan is customized to your needs and we always provide options ranging from pain relief to rehabilitation.

  • Whether the goal is pain relief or optimization of the nervous system, Dr. Alter will utilize a number of gentle and effective chiropractic techniques based on your unique needs.