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Business & Marketing Director

Radiology Technician

We have been blessed with 25 years of enviable health care success and thousands of satisfied patients. We recognize the amazing power each and every one of you have inside to heal, be healthy and for those willing to work for it, achieve optimal wellness. We are very skilled at detecting and correcting interference that can inhibit your ability to thrive. I will either recognize that I am the right doctor to give you the help that you need or I will recognize that I am not, and in that case, I will do everything in my ability to get you to someone who can help you. My promise to you is that I will not waste your time or money and that we all will do our very best for you.
                                     Dr. Michael Alter

Functional Medicine Specialist


We're here to provide relief, recovery, and resolution.

Office Manager

Alysia, Business & Marketing Manager

About Us

Certifications and advanced training in:

  • X-ray physics and diagnosis
  • Chiropractic pediatrics
  • Sports injury and extremity rehabilitation
  • Advanced Clinical Nutritional Physiology
  • Pre and Post-Surgical management of cervical & lumbar disc herniation
  • My latest doctorate level certification is in Functional Medicine and I am pursuing an additional doctorate level diplomat degree from the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN)


I grew up in a wonderfully diverse family where I was exposed to talent in a variety of the healing arts. Chiropractors, nutritionists, dentists, and surgeons all had a significant influence on both my philosophy of healing and my work ethic towards my patients. During my years at Palmer Chiropractic University in Davenport, Iowa, I also worked as an EMT with a great team of paramedics and ER staff.

Dr. Michael Alter

Functional Medicine Specialist


Welcome to the Alter Health Services. We put your family’s health and well being first. Our mission is to empower our patients to feel good all day, everyday. We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions.

For chiropractic care, many travel from out of state and if you live within a comfortable traveling distance, you can stop by our office for treatment.

We are excited to offer Functional Medicine solutions to everyone. Don’t worry if you don’t live near us. The majority of our information and services are available on this website and through phone appointments. This ground-breaking approach in medical care utilizes the most current technology and research and enables us to offer the best advice to keep your family as healthy as possible.

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